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Officially Commending or Complaining About the Conduct of an Employee



The Rowley Police Department is committed to providing quality, professional law enforcement services to the public.We hope this guide will assist you when you wish to commend the effort of an employee, make a complaint, or seek further information.


Robert R. Barker

Chief of Police


Complaint Procedure


All complaints regarding the police department or one of itís members will be investigated.Citizens are requested to fill out and sign a complaint form to allow us to perform a thorough investigation. Anonymous and telephone complaints will be reviewed.A citizen who wishes to complain can do so by coming to the station and speaking with the shift commander, by telephoning the department, or by sending a letter to the department.


Minor complaints such as rudeness and discourtesy as well as serious infractions such as excessive force or corruption will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Officer.The Chief of Police will review complaints of both types.


The complainant will receive a written confirmation of the complaint once it is received.The complaint will then be investigated and will usually be resolved within 30 Days.The complainant will receive written notification of the finding at the conclusion of the investigation.


What Can Happen


A formal complaint will be classified in one of four ways:


Unfounded:The allegations were baseless and without foundation.

Exonerated:The actions of the employee were found in compliance with the law or department policy.

Not Sustained: There was not enough evidence to either prove or disprove the allegations.

Sustained:The complaint was valid and supported by evidence.


If a complaint is sustained a member can be disciplined in a number of ways ranging from additional training, reprimand, suspension, demotion, and even dismissal.For more serious violations where the member is to be suspended, demoted or dismissed the complainant may be asked to testify at a disciplinary hearing.


False Complaints


Citizens should be aware that knowingly making a false complaint or report is a violation of State Law.All persons who provide false or misleading information subject themselves to arrest and criminal prosecution.




Equally as important as reporting police misconduct is the recognition of a job well done.Citizens are encouraged to contact the department regarding exceptional service or performance by an employee.A citizen can call, write, or visit the department in order to make a commendation.The commendation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and forwarded to the member(s) involved.The Chief may then issue a departmental commendation as well.The department has three levels of commendation.


Letter of Commendation: Given for notable conduct above and beyond the call of duty.


Ribbon of Commendation: Given for superlative and distinguished performance of police duty.Includes an insignia for display on the uniform.


Medal of Commendation:Given to members who perform exceptional acts or actions above the normal call of duty.Includes an insignia for display on the uniform and a commemorative medal for display in the home.


Medal of Valor:The departmentís highest honor is bestowed upon a member who sacrifices his or her life in the protection of the lives of others.This medal is presented posthumously to the family of the fallen member.











Questions or Recommendations


The Rowley Police Department is committed to providing the best possible police service.Citizen cooperation is essential if we are to succeed.If you have a question or recommendation you may contact the Chief of Police.


How to Reach Us


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