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Name:    Date:   12/24/2013
Email:   ... City:   
State:    Country:   

Name:    Date:   12/13/2013
Email:   ... City:   
State:    Country:   

Name:    Date:   12/11/2013
Email:   ... City:   
State:    Country:   

Name:   Fupeguddy Date:   6/11/2013
Email:   mmjjed7@classicn... City:   BurntPine
State:   NorfolkIsland Country:   NorfolkIsland

Name:   DaveMiller Date:   10/21/2011
Email:   dmilla@hotmail&#... City:   Newbury
State:   MA Country:   USA
Comments:   I was told there is an Officer in your Department who
is involved in Racoon hunting. If that is true
I would like to get in touch with that person.
Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,Dave Miller

Name:   MaggieLemelin Date:   4/20/2011
Email:   maggie.lemelin&#... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   
Comments:   Along with the warmer weather, speeders have returned
to our neighborhood (or maybe we just notice them
more). Be it school buses, UPS, FedEx, Landscaping
and other business vehicles, speeding through our
neighborhood is a constant and dangerous problem that
we haven't yet found a solution or relief for.
I just wish there was more that we could do as residents
than ask the police to step up patrols and actually
write a speeding ticket for someone speeding through
our neighborhood!

Name:   RichardGrover Date:   10/28/2010
Email:   rgrover@franklin... City:   Franklin
State:   Ma Country:   Norfolk
Comments:   Was wondering if possible to get a Dept patch for my
collection? If so it can be sent to:Rick Grover911
Panther WayFranklin Ma. 02038Thanks for your time

Name:   RobMiller Date:   8/20/2010
Email:   aojMiller6281@es... City:   
State:    Country:   UnitedStates
Comments:   I liked your site

Name:   GretchenLewis Date:   8/7/2010
Email:   hummahuma@aol... City:   boston
State:   ma Country:   usa

Name:   CraigMonroe Date:   6/3/2010
Email:   craig@themonroes... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   
Comments:   Your "Meet the Officers" page has been reduced
to email addresses. With turnover, I realize it
might be difficult to keep up, however that page actually
helped me as a resident recognized the officers in
our town. As it stands, it appears to be almost
redundant with the dept. email addresses.
Please reconsider adding photos of the officers to
your page again.Thanks for the great work you
do for our town!Craig MonroeCentral Street

Name:   PhilTowne Date:   3/19/2010
Email:   pwtowne@gmail... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   
Comments:   Call it the "BOX of DEATH" : Central street
to route 1 to Wethersfield street and Bennett Hill
road needs TOUGH traffic enforcement from the Rowley
police!Chronic speeding is a BIG PROBLEM in this area!!Last
summer I saw a motorcycle wiped out at the Central
street intersection. I also see cars, UPS trucks
and even school buses constantly SPEEDING on these
feeder roads and Bennett Hill road! How many people
have to die before the police crackdown? Big fines
and a constant police presencewill get the word out
that the trap is waiting formotoring morons!

Name:   DeniseGilman Date:   1/12/2010
Email:   dandkgilman@comc... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   

Name:   PhilTowne Date:   10/10/2009
Email:   pwtowne@gmail... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   USA
Comments:   I have been monitoring traffic on Bennett Hill road
with a speed gun due to a constant speeding problem
on our street. In the first week of October 2009
I have noticed a trend. 75% of vehicles are
speeding!! Worse --I have caught Triton school bus
# 9 SPEEDING 3 times this week!! The children on the
bus and the Rowley citizens are in danger due to these
reckless so-called commercial drivers!! This is a
popular walking street for young, old and pets.
If this problem is not corrected a tragedy is likely
to occur on Bennett Hill Road!! It is time for the
Rowley police to start issuing stifffines on this
street, as well as Central and Weathersfield and adding
signage that could dampen speeds. Let's hope
a tragedydoesn't have to happen to solve this
serious problem!!

Name:   SamRowley Date:   5/28/2009
Email:   srowley929@aol&#... City:   StCharles
State:   MO Country:   USA
Comments:   Would love to have a shirt from your Station with the
logo on it.

Name:   HarryRing Date:   4/12/2009
Email:   dkatwood@frontie... City:   AuSableForks
State:   NY Country:   USA

Name:   mark Date:   3/26/2009
Email:   sgttrunk@aol.... City:   
State:    Country:   
Comments:   Your officers need computers in their cruisers.
It is an officer safety issue. Routes 95, 1,
1A, and 133 are so closely associated with your community.
These roads have become corridors for drug trafficking
from points to (Lynn, Chelsea, Salem, Nahant, Beverly,
Haverhill)and from southern NH (Salem, Hampton, Nashua,
and the Lakes region). These roads are gateways
for criminal exploitation into your community.
In this economy, criminals are venturing out into
the suburbs committing commercial,residential, &
vehicular B&E's, and armed robberies in numbers
we have not seen in years. Mobile Pharmicutical
Software Engineers, as modern drug traffickers call
themselves, are using the internet to promote their
wares and are accessing your community to get new
turf. They are moving out of the cities and into
the suburbs where police resources are stretched.
These are businessmen, that through the process of
evolution, have learned to survive

Name:   Trix Date:   3/18/2009
Email:   adm@pupers.n... City:   httpclassicdiecastcarsisgreato
State:   NY Country:   USA
Comments:   Classic diecast cars. Check out our classics diecast
model cars, which are ideal for any classic car enthusiast
or just a nostalgic collection of cars that you have
owned. All of our classic car models have amazing
detail that will bring back all those memories of
going touring in a VW Camper van, passing your test
in Mini Cooper or your very first Ford Carpi, Ford
Mark One you owned.

Name:   PaulJTurcotte Date:   2/10/2009
Email:   Treetopcop@bells... City:   Euharlee
State:   GA Country:   UnitedStates
Comments:   Former resident (1954-1969). Was good friends with
Bob Hardy (Former Police Chief) of Rowley.Lots
of memories from those days still with me.

Name:   georgedagas Date:   10/15/2008
Email:   f355cab@aol.... City:   rowley
State:   ma Country:   usa
Comments:   great staff

Name:   StephanieRowley Date:   7/20/2008
Email:   stephaniejrowley@... City:   EastHartford
State:   CT Country:   UnitedStates

Name:   Marion Date:   7/10/2008
Email:   Mthornton667@com... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   USA
Comments:   I wanted to say thanks to the officers on duty May
5 2008, and other responders around 500 pm. My
daughter fell at Pine Grove Elementary and I heard
you guys responded within minutes and did an awesome
job of calming her down until I could reach her.
She loves you guys, we were new to town since January,
and this reinforced my decision to move here.
Again, thanks to all who reponded that Thursday!

Name:   Tkfig Date:   6/25/2008
Email:   erpbwger@rcls... City:   Bonn
State:   PN Country:   MW
Comments:   Good JobMaybe You Need More Advertisements?,

Name:   Anne Date:   1/21/2008
Email:   ... City:   
State:    Country:   

Name:   private Date:   12/3/2007
Email:   private@private&... City:   rowley
State:   mass Country:   usa
Comments:   i live on leslie road i want to notify the police dept
of youths causing problems on my street. they
have been putting sticks in the road so no cars could
pass or they would hit them, dragging a stuffed animal
across the road, and now, that its snowing, throwing
snowballs at cars. they have been causing a real
problem, and i just cant catch them. please help
with this problem

Name:   GregMowrey Date:   9/15/2007
Email:   phylissmowrey@AO... City:   Peabody
State:   MA Country:   USA
Comments:   Excellent web. What a great way to keep residents
& surrounding communities informed. I completed
the Danvers, MA Citizens Police Academy on 05/31/07.
What an eye opener! They too have accreditation.
Good Job!!! Thank You, GM

Name:   SallyKraus Date:   8/20/2007
Email:   ix-skraus4250@fr... City:   Boston
State:   MA Country:   UnitedStates
Comments:   cool site.

Name:   MikeRowley Date:   8/19/2007
Email:   mikrow@comcast&#... City:   Frankfort
State:   IL Country:   USA

Name:   JeffRowley Date:   6/28/2007
Email:   chefrowley@sbcgl... City:   Pasadena
State:   CA Country:   LosAngeles

Name:   MiltonARaymond Date:   6/16/2007
Email:   ATTYatLast@aol&#... City:   CapeNeddick
State:   ME Country:   USA
Comments:   I was a police officer in Rowley in 1978-1979 when
Mike Bulgaris was chief and Roger Merry was the other
patrolman. I am glad to see how the department
has grown in numbers and professionalism. Great
job Kevin Barry!

Name:   Valintino Date:   5/31/2007
Email:   valintino@qmail&... City:   
State:    Country:   
Comments:   Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

Name:   JimDobson Date:   2/8/2007
Email:   bql.Dobson9112&#... City:   Boston
State:   MA Country:   UnitedStates
Comments:   I liked your site.

Name:   Richard Date:   12/4/2006
Email:   slkdjlk@yahoo... City:   
State:    Country:   
Comments:   Beautiful site!

Name:   JamesBabu Date:   2/23/2006
Email:   jbabu@harvard... City:   Harvard
State:   MA Country:   USA
Comments:   Very Nice website. Harvard PD :)

Name:   Kathleen Barry Date:   9/18/2005
Email:   Kaba53@aol.c... City:   West Springfield
State:   MA Country:   Hampden

Name:   Bo Wiseman Date:   8/26/2005
Email:   bowiseman@yahoo&... City:   Musk
State:    Country:   Sweden
Comments:   Hello this is Sweden calling! Nice website,very informative
and I want to wish all officers of Rowley PD good
luck and be safe out there.

Name:   Laura Ellis Date:   8/22/2005
Email:   movers@gulftel&#... City:   Lillian
State:   AL Country:   USA
Comments:   Just checking out an old friend's hubby that I've lost
touch with: David & Marie Kent!!! Life is wonderful
down here in sunny Pensacola!

Name:   JeanneGriffin Date:   8/1/2005
Email:   jfgriffin@comcas... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   Essex
Comments:   I just wanted to commend the dispatcher who was on
duty on Saturday night (7/31) during the chase
that occurred around 10PM - she was most professional
and did an excellant job of relaying the information
from the officer in the cruiser and allowed all other
police personnel to know exactly what was going on
- She did a very very professional job - Jeanne Griffin

Name:   Sandra J. Pelletier Date:   7/5/2005
Email:   millwoodapts@com... City:   Rowley
State:   MA Country:   Essex

Name:   SCOTT BOUTELL Date:   3/17/2005
Email:   SGTBoutell@hotma... City:   ORANGE

Name:   Ben Rowley Date:   3/2/2005
Email:   benr@hotmail.... City:   Limerick
State:    Country:   Ireland
Comments:   i just typed my surname into google and your department
came up. europeans spell it 'colour', not 'color'

Name:   Kevin Rowley Date:   2/9/2005
Email:   rowley1979@roger... City:   waterloo
State:   ontario Country:   canada
Comments:   Nice site, I'm a police officer for the waterloo regional
police service in Ontario Canada. I used to live
in Westborough Mass., Got a real kick of a town started
by my ancestors. Always good to see your last name
on a website, especially if associated to police.
All the best. Police Constable Kevin Rowley

Name:   Trooper Jason Keays (Washington
State Patrol)
Date:   12/26/2004
Email:   jason@keaysnet&#... City:   Seattle
State:   Wa Country:   US
Comments:   Nice web site. I wanted to say hello to the PD that
helped me realize law enforcement was my calling!

Name:   Mike Rowley Date:   10/14/2004
Email:   mike.rowley1@... City:   Bolton
State:   Lancashire Country:   United Kingdom
Comments:   Very good site informative and easy to navigate,well
done, pity our local police dont do simular.

Name:   Lucia Picanso Date:   6/1/2004
Email:   councilonaging@t... City:   
State:    Country:   
Comments:   Nice web site!!!! Wer'e jealous!!!

Name:   Hugh Mitchell Date:   5/19/2004
Email:   hmitch123@yahoo&... City:   Rowley
State:   Mass Country:   USA

Name:   Cebastian Barrett Date:   5/15/2004
Email:   ceb212004@yahoo&... City:   Rowley
State:   Ma Country:   
Comments:   Thank you for having this page online... it is helpful.

Name:   Joe Rowley Date:   2/20/2004
Email:   jrowley@privateg... City:   kansas city
State:   mo Country:   USA
Comments:   I like your website. I was looking to buy a shirt or
any thing with the ROWLEY name on it. My last name
is rowley. The person that answered the phone was
helpful and told me call the pharmacy or fire dept
Thanks Joe Rowley

Name:   Sarah Date:   1/13/2004
Email:   Princess03076@ao... City:   Pelham
State:   NH Country:   US
Comments:   I visited your website today hoping to look at your
police log from Saturday night.

Name:   Sgt. William Waters Date:   1/5/2004
Email:   sgtwaters@swamps... City:   swampscott
State:   Mass Country:   Essex
Comments:   Nice web site!!

Name:   joyce sarno Date:   8/17/2003
Email:   dzyy007@yahoo... City:   newmarket
State:   nh Country:   USA
Comments:   did the 911 operator with the big beautiful smile change
her name? Pam? i thought her name was lynne! im
hoping you change it before her mother sees it. otherwise
its a very nice website.

Name:   Marilyn A.Gwinn Date:   6/3/2003
Email:   mega-nic@attbi&#... City:   Rowley
State:   Ma. Country:   USA
Comments:   I have really enjoyed this survey. Good to see a local
program on the computer. Keep up the good work.

Name:   Ryan Wilkins Date:   5/9/2003
Email:   H2oborne7@aol... City:   Peabody
State:   Mass Country:   USA
Comments:   What a great web-site!!! Very easy to navigate, and
lots of valuable information about the community and
the happenings of the department.Keep up the good
work.(Ofc. Ryan Wilkins-W.Newbury PD)

Name:   Dave Brandt Date:   4/24/2003
Email:   le152@cableone&#... City:   
State:   Tx Country:   
Comments:   Hello, My name is David Brandt, I am 15 years old,
My dad was a firefighter for many years until a
very serious accident last year, left him confined
to a wheel chair..He,s also a US Veteran who served
in the Air Force 1st as a SP Then Changed to Firefighting..
He cant leave the house since his accedent, the
only thing that seems to cheer him up a little is
talking about the fire service and his time in the
military. So mom and me talked, Me and dad are
starting to collect patches (Fire, Ems, Police, Sherrif,
Hazmat ETC) from all over the world, and if you have
a extra one, We would like to have it.. This is
new for us, I,m doing this as a new hobby for my dad
and me, mainly for him to keep his spirts up. Thank
you very much, and God Bless You and Your
Family, and The United States Dave Brandt413
Midway DrWake Village Texas75501

Name:   Helen & David Farrar Date:   2/18/2003
Email:   david.a.farr... City:   Lexington
State:   MA Country:   USA
Comments:   Very nice website. Would like to see photos of all
the officers.

Name:   Brad Todd Date:   1/6/2003
Email:   brad@toddfarm... City:   
State:   NH Country:   USA
Comments:   Nice site. See you at Todd Farm in the spring!

Name:   Kevin Cashman Date:   12/10/2002
Email:   kevin.cashman... City:   Rowley
State:   Ma Country:   

Name:   Timothy McMahon Date:   11/18/2002
Email:   fathead1114@go&#... City:   Rowley
State:   Massachusetts Country:   United States
Comments:   Hey Officer David you teach real well in D.A.R.Eand
you should be proud of how you teach and you are also
very understandable and nice and I still want to become
a police or State police hope you wright back soon
Timothy McMahonP.S. I am the
one who always asks questions about being a police

Name:   Officer Paul Bean/ NHHP Date:   9/12/2002
Email:   Lambor66@AOL.... City:   Kingston, NH
State:   New Hampshire Country:   Rockingham
Comments:   Nice looking site. Keep up the good work. Officer
Paul Bean NH State Highway Patrol/Enforcement

Name:   Susan Vachon Date:   9/8/2002
Email:   averygracie@msn&... City:   Rowley
State:   Ma Country:   Essex

Name:   Mary Louise George Date:   9/3/2002
Email:   Mg4781@aol.c... City:   Haverhill
State:   Massachusetts Country:   U.S.A.
Comments:   Great site..I cant wait to see pictures of the dispatchers
in the near future...one in particular...her name
is Lynne Neary. Word around town is that she is personable,
professional, has a great sense of humor, and has
one of the most beautiful sisters in the world.;-)


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