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     The Rowley Citizens Police Academy was established in the spring of 2001 to develop a more personal and continuous rapport with the residents of Rowley. The program, which ran for ten consecutive weeks, was in large part taught by members of the Rowley Police Department, many of whom are experts in their field of topics. Other instructors included local lawyers, Rowley Fire Department personnel, and paramedics. Twelve Rowley residents joined us for two and one half hours each week to learn about different aspects of policing specific to our community.
"The whole program was excellent. I looked forward to every class. I would recommend this to everyone interested in law enforcement." " TM.
     Due to the success and enthusiasm of the first class, in the spring of 2002 we offered a second academy and our numbers grew. Sixteen residents participated in the class and successfully graduated. This academy was extended to an eleven week program due to the increased interest and student suggestions. All students are offered a four hour ride along with one of the officers. The class of 2002 assisted with the arrest of 17 individuals, stopped 42 motor vehicles, responded to six motor vehicle crashes, as well as numerous other calls for service.
"The four hour cruiser ride was a real eye opener. I would definitely recommend this program for anybody interested in supporting the RPD." GM
     The spring of 2003 brought about our third academy and due to the popularity of the program we began calling it the "annual" Rowley Citizens Police Academy. Year three graduated 12 students and the Fourth Annual Rowley Citizen's Police Academy graduated 15. The Fourth Annual was the first to include the Rowley Harbormaster Department which provided a river cruise up the Rowley River on a beautiful June evening.
     We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the Sixth annual Rowley Citizens Police Academy. The continued success of this program can be attributed to many factors. Chief Kevin Barry has been a huge proponent of this program by allowing unprecedented access of the department and its officers. Deputy Chief Robert Barker has worked to locate and acquire federal and state funding through grants to support our program. Our team of officer instructors have strived to not only maintain the high standards already established within the program, but to continue it's progression keeping the topics current and specific to out community. And most importantly, our Academy Director Officer David Sedgwick has devoted countless hours to the organization and implementation of this program. His vision and tireless efforts at presenting this course is the underlying factor for its unqualified success.
     It is our hope to continue offering this program as a yearly event. This academy has helped to open the lines of communication between the police and the citizens of our community. By making the police more accessible to the residents we have started building stronger ties with our citizens. We have provided some insight as to the role of the police department in the community and have, in turn, been better able to understand the needs and expectations of our residents. We are also pleased and proud to have cultivated an ongoing relationship with our alumni. It is important to us that the experience and relationship developed during the academy class does not end at graduation, but rather continues to grow and evolve over the coming years.
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